Teach pendant and hand strap not included. 90-day unconditional warranty if our materials or workmanship are defective. This warranty does not cover chemical exposure--and it is the responsibility of the purchaser ("buyer") to ensure chemical compatibility prior to purchase.

Smart Pendant (JZRCR-APP30-1) Bumper

8.00 oz. (226.80 g.)
US $299.00
Energy-absorbing teach pendant frame.
A black, one-piece, conformal fitting, energy-absorbing frame for the Motoman Smart Pendant (JZRCR-APP30-1). Manufactured from Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV); resistant to temperature extremes, chemical exposure and harsh environments. The frame is aggressively textured. Access to the USB flap and drive is preserved. A back-strap is incorporated to prevent separation of the bumper from the left and right sides of the pendant. Ninety (90) day unconditional warranty if either our workmanship or materials are defective.